behavior design breakdown x PRODUCT STRATEGY

The Thrive Foundation helps underprivileged youth realize their full potential by amplifying the positive impact of caring adults in their lives. In 2014, the foundation announced a new cohort of eight organizations from all over the nation. Along with funding, the cohorts received the opportunity to participate in a this design initiative, bringing innovative solutions and tools to their space.

We are combining design-thinking principles with their on-the-ground knowledge to boost their capacity across the board. Each of the foundations is looking for growth; we’re giving them the principles, tools and solutions to do so.

We're also very grateful that our client champion, Senior VP of Editorial Janelle Rodriguez, gave us a behind-the-scenes look at how NBC News creates the news for the day!

The Challenge


The Insight


The Strategy


The Solution



Simplicity Labs lives up to their name. David and Andrew brought a fresh and informed perspective at just the right time. Their insights into behavioral science in general and mindfulness specifically helped take our product to the next level. It was a true pleasure to work with professionals so dedicated to helping consumers create healthy consumer habits. Their work unlocked a simplified and more impactful user journey and it’s already improving engagement in Whil’s rapidly growing member base. I highly recommend Simplicity.”


“We got enormous benefit from Simplicity’s Behavior Design Breakdown. Along with a great set of recommendations for how we might revise our current onboarding process, they also provided a really valuable framework for us to use going forward as we think about improvements and new features for our product. They also helped us to clearly define for ourselves the user behavior data that will serve as our benchmark for our customers’ success.”