Ajay chopra, general partner @ Trinity ventures

“I had the pleasure of working with Andrew and David at Trinity Ventures for 3 months.  Not only did they help us evolve our thinking about design in the e-commerce market, but they also worked 1-on-1 with our portfolio companies.  Their refreshing focus on behavior change in product design is an important point of view that few others understand.”

Rajesh Anandan, Senior Vice President @ UNICEF Ventures

“We knew we had room to refine our app experience, and brought on Simplicity Labs for quick, expert advice on sustaining engagement. We got great advice and incredibly useful insights, but more importantly, Simplicity’s Behavior Design Breakdown gave us specific, practical recommendations that we could implement right away.”

Joe Burton, Founder and CEO @ Whil.com

Simplicity Labs lives up to their name. David and Andrew brought a fresh and informed perspective at just the right time. Their insights into behavioral science in general and mindfulness specifically helped take our product to the next level. It was a true pleasure to work with professionals so dedicated to helping consumers create healthy consumer habits. Their work unlocked a simplified and more impactful user journey and it’s already improving engagement in Whil’s rapidly growing member base. I highly recommend Simplicity.”

Malte Kramer, Head of Marketing @ Jade Mills Estates

"Overall, I would absolutely recommend Simplicity’s Behavior Design Breakdown because behavior design is needed in addition to visual and user experience designers.  It’s crucial when building something to get people to behave in a certain way.  As for impacting our business’ bottom line, it is hard to put an exact value on the service received due to the complexity of our project and the wide range of details that was covered in the breakdown. I'm certain that the value the service created for our business will be at least a 10x multiple of what we paid for it."


Stewart Dennis, Founder and CEO @ Turing Email

“Working with Simplicity Labs is fantastic. We knew behavior design is important, yet we understood little about how to do it; David and Andrew were able to step in and apply their deep expertise to our product. They provided recommendations that were actionable, immediately valuable, and clearly grounded in behavior design theory. What you guys delivered exceeded my expectations, and I look forward to continuing to work with them.”

Ellen Dunne, VP of Product @ Whil.com

“We got enormous benefit from Simplicity’s Behavior Design Breakdown. Along with a great set of recommendations for how we might revise our current onboarding process, they also provided a really valuable framework for us to use going forward as we think about improvements and new features for our product. They also helped us to clearly define for ourselves the user behavior data that will serve as our benchmark for our customers’ success.”

Matt Sonier, Senior Product Manager @ Noom Health

"David and Andrew were absolutely wonderful to work with. They clearly have a lot of experience dissecting products and figuring out how to make certain behaviors stickier. The Behavior Design Breakdown they presented included a well thought out onboarding experience that I am certain will result in a significant improvement to our bottom line. Overall, I highly recommend working with Simplicity Labs to tackle particularly difficult behavior problems in your product."


Alexis Roizen, Chief Marketing Officer @ Turing Email

“Simplicity Labs blew me away. Their presentation empowered me in how to think about the behavior patterns of our customers and creating a better experience for them. Not only did they identify the various barriers of our customer onboarding process, they gave us specific and actionable design recommendations to improve it. Every recommendation was tailored to our product and no suggestion felt like a canned response to a generalized problem. We're excited to implement the changes, retain more customers and work with Simplicity Labs again to continue improving our product. Thank you for your detailed work!”


Neeru khosla, founder & Exec. director @ CK-12 Foundation

“I had the pleasure of working with David and Andrew on creative ways of thinking through our product development and using effective user research. They were professional, detail oriented and presented strong data to back up recommendations. I liked their presentation style and their can-do attitude. It made our contract renewal decision easier.”


“Andrew and David changed the way our portfolio companies thought about product. They brought a refreshing attitude and perspective--and were highly effective.”

Jason van der merwe, associate @ alsop louie partners

"David and Andrew offer what very few people in the world can: a structured, logical approach to developing and fine-tuning products and services using the framework of behavior design. Everyone knows that humans are ruled by behaviors, but few people are successful at changing these behaviors. David and Andrew can. If you're looking for product focus, design ideas, or even basic coaching, these guys are your solution. Not only do I draw daily on the concepts that they have taught me, but I keep returning to them for advice because they are that level of quality."

richard lo, Product manager @ helpshift (vc-funded startup)

"I've worked with David & Andrew  on a variety of projects, and I’ve always been impressed with their grasp of user psychology, creative product solutions, and ability to add value to every project.  To this day, whenever I have a project or company I’m working on, I make sure to ping David and Andrew for their advice and insight.  If you’re lucky enough to get some of their time, you should too!”

Dr. steph habif, adjunct research lead @ catalyst innovation partners

“David and Andrew are creative and deeply versed in behavior change science. Also armed with killer skills in product design, their team caters brilliantly to any company looking to build habit forming experiences.”


"Simplicity Labs is run by people on the cutting edge of behavior design techniques. They understand the art and science of building experiences that move people.”