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Why Behavior Design?

You already know how important it is to understand your users, and maybe you already employ ethnographic research, user testing, or focus groups to inform your product decisions.  Or maybe you implement lean startup methodology or design thinking.  All of those are a great start, but none of those frameworks are Behavior Design.

Behavior Design is the leading systematic approach for creating solutions that change human behavior.   


“Technology is not a magical ingredient that changes people. It’s simply a channel for delivering an experience. And you must get the experience right.  Too often innovators put flawed psychology into the latest tech gizmo. And it doesn’t change behavior.  The problem isn’t technology. We have enough of that. The problem is that innovators haven’t been given enough insight into how behavior really works.”

- Dr. BJ Fogg: Founder & Director, Stanford Persuasive Tech Lab

By applying cutting edge Behavior Design frameworks, like the Fogg Behavior Model, we help you:

  • Understand the need to simplify your product to the essentials

  • Design optimal triggers and calls-to-action for your users

  • Identify the best ways to increase successful results

  • Identify how to change the choices people make

  • Avoid frustration & annoyance in users

  • Identify why programs are failing to change behavior

  • Map the specific role of an early behavior in causing a subsequent behavior.

Why Simplicity Labs?

We’ve been working closely with the “Father of Behavior Design”, Dr. BJ Fogg, ever since early 2011 when we first took his Behavior Design class at Stanford University.  Since that time, we’ve been very fortunate to join Dr. Fogg on academic projects at the Stanford Persuasive Technology Lab and industry consulting projects.

We have been consulting on industry projects in Behavior Design since Summer 2011, and have since formalized our consulting under Simplicity Labs LLC.  

In our work as behavior designers, we optimize for positive behavior change.  In laymen’s terms: we help people do what they already want to do.  We’ve worked on projects ranging from helping a nonprofit increase online donations, increasing retention in an online learning platform, and increasing engagement for a mobile meditation training app.  

We’re excited to learn more about your product and mission!

Why a Behavior Design Breakdown?

When we formalized our business into Simplicity Labs, we wanted to create a service that allowed us to provide the most Behavior Design value in the easiest package for clients to choose.  Under the guidance of our mentor Dr. Fogg, we created Behavior Design Breakdowns.  

In one sentence: Behavior Design Breakdowns are a rapid service that provide screen-by-screen product feedback from Behavior Design experts trained by Dr. BJ Fogg.

  • Breakdowns are significantly less expensive than hiring our team on a monthly contract.

  • Breakdowns are a low-time commitment: all we need is an hour of your time for the Jumpstart Meeting, and 1.5 hours for the final deliverable meeting.  

  • We don’t need to “touch your code” to complete our recommendations.

  • Within two weeks of our Jumpstart Meeting, we provide our prioritized recommendations to your team.

Problems We Solve

We’ll show you why having your users feels successful in the first 5 minutes of onboarding is the most important part of engagement, and how to do it right.

What’s the pinnacle of retention? Designing your product to be an indispensible part of your users’ daily physical environments.  If you can do that, your users will stick around forever.

Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 10.19.09 PM.png

We’ll explain why you should be focusing on what to do in periods of high motivation, and what is (de)motivating your users.

We help you find the short-term tweaks that can increase the conversion rate, but we also propose long-term strategies that change the game.

How Does It Work (Logistically)?

  • During our first call, we'll learn more about each other, answer any questions you have, and determine if we're a good fit to collaborate.  

  • If you’d like to move forward after our call, we’ll send a basic written agreement that protects both sides, and an invoice for the upfront payment.  

  • Behavior Design Breakdowns currently start at $5,000, and we ask that 100% of the project fees be paid upfront (it shows us that you’re serious).  

  • Once payment is received, we schedule a 1-hour Jumpstart Meeting via video call.

  • At the Jumpstart Meeting: Simplicity Labs learns more about your product's goals, target behaviors, obstacles to those behaviors, and current metrics.

  • Simplicity Labs conducts a page-by-page Behavior Design Breakdown and creates recommendations on how to achieve your target behaviors.

  • Two weeks after the Jumpstart Meeting, we present the Behavior Design Breakdown during a 1.5-hour video call.

Case Studies


Simplicity Labs lives up to their name. David and Andrew brought a fresh and informed perspective at just the right time. Their insights into behavioral science in general and mindfulness specifically helped take our product to the next level. It was a true pleasure to work with professionals so dedicated to helping consumers create healthy consumer habits. Their work unlocked a simplified and more impactful user journey and it’s already improving engagement in Whil’s rapidly growing member base. I highly recommend Simplicity.”


"David and Andrew were absolutely wonderful to work with. They clearly have a lot of experience dissecting products and figuring out how to make certain behaviors stickier. The Behavior Design Breakdown they presented included a well thought out onboarding experience that I am certain will result in a significant improvement to our bottom line. Overall, I highly recommend working with Simplicity Labs to tackle particularly difficult behavior problems in your product."

Next Steps

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