"Simplicity changes behavior."

- Dr. BJ Fogg: Founder & Director, Stanford Persuasive Tech Lab


Trained at the Stanford Persuasive Technology Lab under Dr. BJ Fogg, our team has worked with the executive teams at Fortune 500 companies, Silicon Valley startups, nonprofits, academic labs, and small businesses.



Andrew graduated from Stanford University where he studied product design, psychology, and computer science.  He’s been accepted to Stanford’s MBA program, but has deferred entry to focus on Simplicity Labs.  Outside of industry, he has been a project leader at Stanford’s Persuasive Technology Lab for the last 4 years.  In his free time, he likes to golf and surf in his hometown of Honolulu. 




David graduated from Stanford University where he created the university's first Behavior Design major program.  He's been accepted to both Stanford and Harvard Business School, but has deferred entry to focus on Simplicity Labs.  Outside of work, he loves to travel like a local, meditate just about anywhere, and dance to just about anything.

Problems We Solve

We’ll show you why having your users feels successful in the first 5 minutes of onboarding is the most important part of engagement, and how to do it right.

What’s the pinnacle of retention? Designing your product to be an indispensible part of your users’ daily physical environments.  If you can do that, your users will stick around forever.

We’ll explain why you should be focusing on what to do in periods of high motivation, and what is (de)motivating your users.

We help you find the short-term tweaks that can increase the conversion rate, but we also propose long-term strategies that change the game.

Our Method: Behavior Design Breakdowns

We conduct screen-by-screen breakdowns to simplify your product to the essentials.  Within two weeks, you receive redesign recommendations that focus on the top behaviors that matter most to your success.

Example Breakdowns


Simplicity Labs lives up to their name. David and Andrew brought a fresh and informed perspective at just the right time. Their insights into behavioral science in general and mindfulness specifically helped take our product to the next level. It was a true pleasure to work with professionals so dedicated to helping consumers create healthy consumer habits. Their work unlocked a simplified and more impactful user journey and it’s already improving engagement in Whil’s rapidly growing member base. I highly recommend Simplicity.”

Matt Sonier, Senior Product Manager @ Noom Health

"David and Andrew were absolutely wonderful to work with. They clearly have a lot of experience dissecting products and figuring out how to make certain behaviors stickier. The Behavior Design Breakdown they presented included a well thought out onboarding experience that I am certain will result in a significant improvement to our bottom line. Overall, I highly recommend working with Simplicity Labs to tackle particularly difficult behavior problems in your product."

Past Clients

Here's How We Can Help

If you’d like to receive expert feedback on your product from a behavior design perspective, click below to contact us.  We’ll follow up with you within 2 days to schedule a Google Hangout to meet virtually and learn more about your business problem.  

We tailor pricing for each client, and it primarily depends on the size of your product and needs.  If you’re interested in a quote, apply below. We’ve found this is a great entry service for clients interested in working with us, as it is significantly less expensive than our monthly rate.  

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